acidH, Associació Catalana per a la Integració i Desenvolupament Humà per a persones amb Intel·ligència Límit (Catalan Association for Integration and Human Development of the persons with Limited Intelligence), is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to help those persons with an intellectual coefficient of about 70-80. This collective is exposed to frustration, depression, difficulties in following normal (standard) studies, occasional abuse by others…

Currently acidH is helping  about 500 people.

acidH support people to develop basic studies at an official level (Catalan Government) as well as professional  training for different jobs. acidH also promote and support several  psychosocial leisure activities. In some cases acidH exert a guardianship role and supply legal advice to this individuals and their families. Finally, acidH facilitate to a number of sheltered people the chance to live a normal life and have a job by providing accommodation, even after their parents or relatives  are not present.

acidH funding is 50% public through the budgets of the Catalan Government and the Spanish State. The remaining 50% is obtained  by private donations from companies and individuals.

The Organizing Committee of the WMFC (World Medical Football Championship) Barcelona 2016 decided that acidH is going to be the non-profit beneficiary of the economic remnants that may result after the event.

If anyone wishes to individually or collectively help this Non-Profit Organization, donations may be transferred to bank account: ES93 2100 30 03542200636233

Dr. Ferran Morell i Brotad
President of Organizing committee of the WMFC Barcelona 2016

President of acidH


Football for everybody Project

Barcelona Galens and a group of external partners started few years ago a humanistic and social project in order to help children in risk of social exclusion. We called it: Football for everybody (F4E).

The aim of the project was to implement a self-sustainable sports program to help children reach a better lifestyle. We contacted with Mr. Dipak Biswas -Secretary Officer of PBKOJP* (NGO from Kolkata) and we defined the framework collaboration to achieve our goals. Simultaneously, different institutions and individuals collaborated with us, such as CAR St. Cugat, members of Galens by FUCAP and family members, all together committed in running up this amazing social program.

* PBKOJP (in Bengalí)- Paschim Banga Krira O Janalaydan Paradish
* FUCAP (Fundació Catalana de Neumología | Neumology Catalonia Foundation)
* CAR (Centre d’Alt Rendiment | High Performance School for Sport)

SUMMARY: Our children, no matter where they come from, are talented but often deprived from getting any opportunity to explore their capacities. Through sports and games, they can use their energy in the proper way, while they learn the importance of values such as discipline, team work, positive and constructive attitude or ambition to tackle new challenges.

From Barcelona Galens we provided them with financial support and a work-methodology: a whole football planning with training sheets (not only physical but also technical and tactical exercises), which shall be implemented and put into practice while enhancing certain core values. We help them to design an alternative football school whose impact goes much beyond the sport.

Also, we guaranteed their education according to their needs and ages. Among other tangible things, we provided them with skirts, jerseys, trousers, boots and balls. In parallel, we ensured the access to a proper football field, adequate nutrition, scholar control, regular weekly training sessions, 2 coaches, tournaments and love.

PURPOSE: Provide real opportunities for children who are in compromising situations through an extensive football program that aims to help them in aspects such as having access to an inclusive education or strengthen their skills and values.

RESULTS (Up1 to March 2016): We inaugurated F4E Project in December 2013, with 30 boys who began regular training sessions. PBKOJP
managed and optimized all available resources and programs. We can now say, 3 ye ars later, that the results obtained have been great for all the implied parts: the boys implied in the program, their families, the coaches …

What is more, we have already reached up our prior goals: Eleven boys are playing in different clubs in Kolkata, and 3 of them have been selected to play in a prestigious football Academy in the city (the next season they will receive a grant to develop their sport skills).

Also, on 24th January 2016 our team won their first under-15 tournament.


On week later, on 7th February 2016, F4E team won the final match by 4-0 (under-19 tournament). One of our players, Indrajit Mondal, scored hat-trick. After the final match a big club in the name Mohun Bagan Club recruited him without any trial match.


Barcelona and Kolkata, despite being separated by a long distance, are linked through strong values and a shared cause: build up a better life for those who need it. We are proud to have already reached it. This is the true success of ‘Football for everybody’ project.

If anyone wishes to individually or collectively help us, donations may be transferred to:

Fundació Catalana de Pneumologia (FUCAP)

Bank: La Caixa.

IBAN: ES76-2100-0815-5802-0066-2585


If you fund F4E project, please, send us an email to

Write your name and surname and as a concept ‘Football for everybody’

Visit our football page on Facebook